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“I used Serenity to pack my kitchen for a move.  They did an absolutely wonderful job.  I was able to leave my kitchen in it's natural state until the day before my move, which made my life so much easier.”

Brantley Y.


“I can't find the extra hours in a day during a regular week.  But during the months I was buying a new house and selling my old one?  Forget it!  When you're strapped for time, this affordable, efficient service makes packing for a move the last things on your mind.”

John Sponge

Serenity Packing Service strives to make moving a Serene and enjoyable experience!

In most cases, Moving means you are blessed with a new home

So let us Pack while you Relax 

We believe that moving is a time to clean out the old and bring in the new

 Use your valuable time to purge unwanted things, and let us pack what's left.  We do have people that can help you with that process because as you know, you can be more efficient when we have some leverage.

We have chosen to specialize in small to medium home dwellings. There is such pleasure in helping people out during one of the busiest and demanding times. We offer pre-packing assistance,  packing, unpacking and home organization

We are a woman owned local business not a national company that hires temporary labor. You can trust us to handle your items with great care. We understand that to the untrained eye others see an old rag doll but to you it is a sentimental family heirloom that should be treat as such. 

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